jueves, 24 de abril de 2014


Because it´s always important to be true to yourself, I´ve decided to show you this pictures that, in the moment I thought they weren´t appropriate for some posts, but now they make perfect sense. When I started writing this blog I made a promise to my photographer (my eldest sister) and to myself, to be natural and of course not to take me too serious and to laugh, to laugh always. The first rule in my case, is  to ALWAYS pose as my sister pleases.

En este post he decidido enseñaros estas fotos, que en su momento no me parecieron apropiadas para algunos posts, pero que son perfectas para este. Cuando empecé a escribir este blog le hice la promesa a mi fotógrafa y hermana mayor y a mi misma, de mantenerme fiel a mi misma, ser natural, no tomarme demasiado en serio y reír siempre. En mi caso la primera norma es ponerme SIEMPRE como quiere mi hermana.

We always have to deal with windy weather, which I hate, and with no so likeable places to shoot; and in every shoot, there´s always a jumping moment(performed by me or my sister). J

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